Thanks to everyone for the feedback! It has been refreshingly positive and is certainly a boost to keep developing this. It is nice to have fresh eyes on the site so please – keep the ideas and requests coming!

The feature request list will be updated to reflect those items. Once that is done the items will be prioritized and put into the development cycle.

I started incorporating the small suggestions into this site but had a bit of an ‘Oops’ moment and was reminded of how much of a bad practice that is. I know better so have spun up a test site where I can stage all changes before putting them into production. Fortunately no one seemed to notice but as the cliche goes “Better safe than sorry”.

Improvements are on their way and should begin appearing by mid-January, earlier if possible. For now, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break and enjoys some down time with friends and family. See you in 2019!

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